Road traffic law

We have extensive and long-standing expertise in this field and therefore guarantee professional assistance on the basis of the most up-to-date knowledge of this area of law. This includes speeding offences, alcohol intoxication and drunkenness, (un)intentional bumps and injuries (resulting in death) and other infringements of the traffic regulations and laws.

In addition, road traffic law covers all aspects of road traffic accidents including:

  • The assessment of liability.
  • The quantification of compensation for the victim of an accident – both within the context of an amicable settlement and in the context of litigation.
  • The recovery of damages and defending claims of another party.

In short, if you are the victim of a traffic accident or have caused an accident, it is very important that you can fall back on a lawyer who can defend your interests to the maximum.

Bear in mind that your own insurance is likely to include an indemnity for legal expenses. This means that the Legal Expenses Insurer will bear the payment of the fees and expenses of our lawyers.


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