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Christian Stoop




Awarded a Diploma in Law with distinction from the Free University of Brussels in 1978.


Active at the Antwerp Bar since 1978 and also registered on the roll of the French-speaking bar in Brussels since 2004.

Arrival at the firm:

Joined Reyns Advocaten as a partner together with his STOOPLEX Team in July 2017.


  • Deputy Judge at the District Court of the 8th canton of Antwerp and at the District Court of the canton Kontich.

  • Honorary Consul of Ukraine for the regions of Antwerp, East and West Flanders.

  • Honorary Counsel of the former Consulado General de España in Antwerp.


  • Member of the editorial committee for "Het tijdschrift voor appartementsrecht" and "Revue copropriété et droit immobilier".

  • Chairman of the Belgian Disciplinary Committee of the Royal Belgian Equestrian Federation (K.B.R.S.F.).

  • Governor of Home Philippe Speth (Kapellen-Antwerp).

  • Member of the worldwide network of lawyers "Union Internationale des Avocats" of Paris.

  • Member of the Rotary club Antwerp East.


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He is perfectly bilingual Dutch/French, is fluent in English and Spanishand has knowledge of Russian and Ukranian.